United Quality Cooperative Partners

Bakken Transload, LLC

United Quality Cooperative has an ownership interest in Bakken Transload, LLC, with operations just east of Ross, ND.  Bakken Transload engages primarily in rail and truck transloading of drilling related materials, including sand and pipe, and also petroleum liquids, including propane and butane.  The local office of Bakken Transload can be reached at 701-755-3448.

United Agronomy, LLC

United Quality Cooperative has an ownership interest in United Agronomy, LLC, headquartered in Berthold, ND.  United Agronomy is a full service retailer of crop inputs, from seed, to inoculant, fertilizer, chemicals and beyond.  United Agronomy also owns Vision Research Park, LLC, which not only provides crop scouting services, but also contracts with private and public entities to run trials on emerging products in test plots around our trade area.
Main Business Office   701-453-3384
Office   701-862-3412


Office   701-627-4726
Office   701-755-3971
Office   701-572-3227


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